Another perfect reno job for $70k

$70,000 USD

Property Description

Located on two floors with clean access is this rare renovation opportunity in a sought after location. The building is clean and the property structurally sound with no evidence of water ingress. This property offers the bones of a great renovation project that, if done well, will offer a lovely living space for the urban explorer in a special colonial space and, being high up, will catch plenty of cooling fresh air and great views north and south over the city.


  • One bedroom / one bathroom
  • Located on third and fourth floor
  • Wooden frame easy to gut for renovation project
  • Plenty of windows providing plenty of natural light


  • Street 110 (near Street 19)
  • Three minutes’ walk to Riverfront
  • Two minutes’ walk to Old and Night Market
  • Easy access to Norodom and Russian Blvds

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