Apartment with Vattanac on your doorstep

$100,000 USD

Property Description

This property is primed for renovation and, when completed, will be the envy of many given its proximity to Vattanac and Canadia Towers.

With good access, sound structure, plenty of natural light and a balcony in full view of Vattanac Tower, a clever renovation will produce good returns on your investment in this emerging area of Phnom Penh

Campu Bank, ANZ Royal Bank, National Bank of Cambodia, Ang Duong Hospital, Brown Café, shops, Camed School, Wat Phnom, US Embassy, restaurants, car repair services, University of Health and Sciences, pharmacies and gas stations are all in the immediate vicinity. With the World Bank and potentially other large institutions also moving in to the area, this neighbourhood is likely to boom.

Astute investors will see this potential and move!

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