Public Holidays 2017

Cambodia Public Holidays 2017

Jan 1 New Year’s Day
Happy New Year
This first public holiday for the year to Welcome in the New Year!

Jan 2 – holiday!

Jan 7 Victory over Genocide Day Victory over Genocide Day commemorates the Vietnamese assault on Cambodia which brought an end to the Khmer Rouge’s bloody regime.Read more >>
Feb 11 Meak Bochea
Public Holiday Meak Bochea
A day to repent sins and an important religious festival observed by Buddhists in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.  It is celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month (usually in late Feb / early Mar)  Read more >>
Mar 8 International Women’s Day
Public Holiday: International Womens Day
Observed since the early 1900’s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. Read more >>
Apr 14 – 17 Khmer New Year
Public Holiday:Khmer New Year
A holiday that lasts for three days and is the end of the harvesting season, when farmers enjoy the fruits of their labour before the rains begin. Read more >>
May 1 Labour Day Established to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.
May 13 – 16 King Sihamoni’s Birthday
King Sihamoni Cambodia
Norodom Sihamoni (born 14 May 1953) is the reigning King of Cambodia. He ascended the throne on 14 October 2004. He is the eldest son of Norodom Sihanouk. Read more >>
May 14 – 15 Royal Ploughing Ceremony and holiday
Royal Ploughing Ceremony
Cambodia has a deep connection with the earth and farming. Every year, the Royal Ploughing Ceremony takes place in front of the National Museum. Read more >>
May 20 Visakha Bochea
Public Holiday: Visakha Bochea
This national holiday was established as a Buddhist observance commemorating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha. Read more >>
Jun 1 International Children’s Day
International Childrens Day
“The one thing all children have in common is their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard.” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Read more >>
Jun 18 King’s Mother Birthday
King Mother Birthday
Norodom Monineath was born on 18 June 1936, in Saigon, Cochinchina, French Indochina. She was born Paule-Monique Izzi and is sometimes referred to as Queen Monique. Read more >>
Sep 19 – 21, 2 Pchum Ben
Pchum Ben
Pchum Ben, or Ancestor’s Day is a uniquely Cambodian ritual, and one of the countries most important holidays. It’s based on the lunar calendar and is usually between late September to mid October. Read more >>
Sep 24 – 25 Constitution Day and holiday
Independence Day
Constitution Day marks the anniversary of the formal adoption of the Constitution of Cambodia on September 24, 1993. Read more >>
Oct 15 – 16 Commemoration Day of King Norodom Sihanouk and holiday
King Norodom Sihanouk
15 October is a national holiday to commemorate the memory of His Majesty Preah Bat Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk – also known as ‘The King-Father of Cambodia’. Read more >>
Oct 23 Paris Peace Agreement
Paris Peace Agreement
23 October is a public holiday in Cambodia to commemorate the anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement. It was announced by the government in late 2012. Read more >>
Oct 29 King Sihamoni Coronation Day
Norodom Sihamoni was crowned King of Cambodia in a three-day ceremony that began on October 28, 2004. Read more >>
Nov 2 – 4 Bon Om Touk (Water Festival)
Water Festival
Marks the reversing flow of Tonle Sap River and also ushers in the fishing season. The highlight of the event, are the boat races that are held over three days. When night falls, fireworks light the sky and a lighted flotilla of boats sail aloft for good luck. People from all walks of life gather on the bank of the Tonle Sap for several days and nights. The population of Phnom Penh doubles during this festival. Read more >>
Nov 9 Independence Day
Constitution Day
9 November is a national holiday celebrated to commemorate independence of Cambodia from France in 1953. France ruled Cambodia for 90 years. Read more >>
Dec 10 Human Rights Day
Human Rights Day
The UN General Assembly proclaimed 10 December as Human Rights Day in 1950, to bring to the attention ‘of the peoples of the world’ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations. Read more >>